Windows Server Backup 2008 vs 2008 R2

Just a quick note on differences / improvements in Windows Server Backup in Windows Server 2008 R2. Following are new in R2:

– Ability to back up/exclude individual files and to include/exclude file types and paths from a volume (instead of just full volumes before).

– Improved performance and use of incremental backups

You can now store backups created using a scheduled backup on a remote shared folder or volume. If you store backups on a remote shared folder, only one version of your backup will be maintained. You can also store backups on virtual hard disks.

– Improved options and performance for system state backups and recoveries. Server Backup MMC can be used to perform system state recoveries. Single backup can be used both for system state & data.

– Expanded CLI (wbadmin command) & PowerShell support.

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