Windows 8.1/10: How to change network type from Internet to Private

For one or another reason you may be in need of changing your network type from Internet to Private in Windows 8.1/10. For example you can’t join HomeGroup when you connected to Internet type network (being on Domain or Private network is a requirement for this, as well as IPv6 enabled on your network adapter, plus bunch of services in running state). But in my case I had an issue when I installed Windows 10 TP on my main desktop which I usually access via RDP from my laptop. I lost RDP connectivity just because Windows 10 defined my Ethernet connection is of Internet type instead of Private, and I seen this more than once (when changing Windows 10 builds). I’m really wondering how it detects/decides on network type?. Of course you can go and adjust firewall rules for Internet network profile, but this is wrong approach. Though it was something what I used as a quick fix as a way/place where you change your network type from Internet to Private is a bit counter-intuitive/difficult to find.

So I’m just noting how to do this on Windows 8.1/10. In order to change your network type from Internet to Private you should do the following:

Go to Settings (either by accessing respective charms icon or by pressing Win + I)  > Change PC Settings > Network > Connection. There you have to click on your connection and enable “Find devices and content” option. Once this is enabled your network type is changed to Private.

Find devices and content

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