What is “Syntax Error”?

I’m currently revisiting Programming for Everybody (Getting Started with Python) course on Coursera by Charles Severance by/University of Michigan and have an idea to join “Python for Everybody Specialization” which become available recently. What is cool about this course is that Charles Severance (a.k.a. Dr. Chuck – www.dr-chuck.com) is really making an effort to make your introduction gentle and ensure that newbies have comfortable start both with Python and with programming in general. This is something I really didn’t have when I studied related subjects in my almamater, where my teacher’s style was “you know that F1 button, right?”

Anyhow early modules try to cover some basics and I really like the way this course explains what you should think about “syntax error” message you may get all to often when you making first steps with any new language, here is a question from one of the quizzes:

Python Syntax Error

I’m not going to indicate correct answer to you, just highlighted the funniest option. 🙂

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