Using PowerShell to manage network settings

Just a quick and short post on essential PowerShell cmdlets which you may use to manage network settings. The slide below taken from “Configuring and Managing Windows 8.1” module of “Preparing for Windows 8.1 MCSA” MVA course.


To be honest I didn’t know some of cmdlets listed and those may be useful not only for MCSA exam. What especially good about the slide above it is that it match PS cmdlets with CLI commands equivalents.

Also you may look through all available commands in PS by using get-command cmdlet (do remember to pipe output into more to see less 🙂 ):

\n\n\n[code language=”powershell” light=”true”]\nget-command | more\n[/code]\n\n

And also you may use wildcard search with get-command:

\n\n\n[code language=”powershell” light=”true”]\nget-command *network*\n[/code]\n\n

Despite PS is powerful and cool way to manage things I recently tried to configure IP and other adapter settings on Server 2012 R2 core and was not very pleased with the way this can be performed with PS. GUI gives you one network adapter object to access and manage IP, DNS and all the other settings so that despite settings split in different section you have this “single point of entry” – your network adapter object. Unfortunately PS does not give us such single cmdlet which can set and change all adapter related settings – it’s all somehow dispersed/supposed to be done with different cmdlets – not very convenient 🙁

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