Windows 10 TP

Windows 10 RTM build

Unlike its predecessor with Windows 10 technology preview I was able to get all the way through succession of preview builds to (almost) RTM build released recently: If you had any experience with early builds and previews of Windows before Windows 10 you will agree that Microsoft doing major strides in the way they deliver Windows 10 RTM build

Windows 10 TP on Dell Optiplex 745

Just a quick note on another Windows 10 Technical Preview installation I did recently. I finally managed to replace 80 Gb Western Digital HDD in old Dell OptiPlex 745 I have at home (child’s PC 🙂 ) with fast and nice 750 Gb Barracuda ES2 (which was freed up after moving all my data to NAS) Windows 10 TP on Dell Optiplex 745

Windows 10 TP

As you maybe already know Windows 10 Technology Preview already available for Windows Insider program participants. What’s cool about Windows 10 is that after RTM Windows 7, 8, and 8.1 users will be able to switch to Windows 10 for free during the firs year. There is also free online course on Windows 10 available on MVA. Windows 10 TP