iManage WCS webinar series – Part 2

This is the transcript of 2nd part of iManage WCS webinar series.\n\nPart 2. Email Filing Server – Best Practices Design and Deployment\n\nSizing & deployment strategies.\n\nAgenda.\n \n Introduction\n \n EFS Review \n Performance Defined \n Performance Variables \n Filing Time\n \n EFS Proximity to Exchange \n EFS Proximity to WorkSite DMS \n DMS Proximity to SQL \n Scaling for iManage WCS webinar series – Part 2

iManage WCS webinar series

Last year I’ve attended Autonomy ICSE course at their training centre in Cambridge, UK. All in all it was in a good experience but to my mind couple of issues with this training were poor coverage of WCS technology and even more lapidary description of FileShare (for those who wondering about Worksite Indexer they provide dedicated IDOL trainings which cover iManage WCS webinar series