Nietzsche & Bodybuilding :)

Not so long ago I discovered very good blog about serious literature where the author tries to give his own interpretations to the great works of literary classics, posts there are dense and try to uncover main ideas contained in literary works and what was possible meant by their authors. And more over each post accompanied Nietzsche & Bodybuilding 🙂

Pieces of silicon – old tech

Recently I did some clear up in my house and found these old things: From top left clockwise: AMD K6-2 366AFR (1998, manufactured in Malaysia), Intel Pentium 75 MHz (ICOMP 610, 1993), Intel Pentium 133 MHz (ICOMP 2 111, 1993), Intel Pentium MMX (1995) – all Intel CPUs made in Philippines. Looks like I already get rid Pieces of silicon – old tech