My blog moved

After some downtime my blog is up and running again. I moved it from and now running it off Synology NAS. Migration process was relatively easy but with some little difficulties, so I am jotting down the outline of whole procedure here: 1. Domain name transfer from to another domain name registrar so My blog moved

Measuring NAS performance

Just a quick note on possibilities available to do some bench-marking of NAS performance. Quite often Blackmagic Disk Speed Test or Intel NAS Performance Toolkit are being used for this. But there are some problems with those: first one is nice and cool but for Mac only, second is good but no longer supported by Measuring NAS performance

Synolgogy DS415+

It has been a while since I decided to splash out and get a NAS for myself. As I need to run loads of VMs both for work related purposes and for fun (it’s cool when we can combine work and fun, right?) it was a bit easier for me to justify significant costs. As Synolgogy DS415+