Understanding computations in R

Well it is actually not even a post, but I just wanted to jot down this quote of John Chambers, the creator of R, which is helpful for understanding computations in R: To understand computations in R, two slogans are helpful:  1. Everything that exists is an object. 2. Everything that happens is a function call. Understanding computations in R

R – brief history

As I start learning R it is normal to start from the very beginning, i.e. take a look at history of R programming language. This post is based on respective lecture from course I’m currently taking. So what is R? R is a dialect of S. What is S? S is a language that was R – brief history

R – installing swirl package

As I started “R Programming” course on Coursera one of the first things to do was installation of swirl R package which allow you to “learn R, in R”. So as laconic instruction says you should be able to install this package in R with following command: install.packages(“swirl”) But sometimes this does not work until you R – installing swirl package