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MSTSC unable to connect with “CredSSP encryption oracle remediation” message

Just run into this “CredSSP encryption oracle remediation” error message while trying to connect to Windows Server 2016 from Windows 10 client today. This issue is explained in MSFT KB article – “CredSSP encryption oracle remediation” error when RDP to a Windows VM in Azure and it all boils down to specific updates missing either on the server or on the client. In my case I was sure that my client box was fully updated and it was un-patched server outside of my control which was a culprit. For this scenario workaround is to set  Encryption Oracle Remediation policy to Enabled, and then change Protection Level to Vulnerable. Fastest way to do it on standalone box is to add registry key, which we can do using REG ADD command:

For workaround which works in un-patched client connecting to patched server scenarion refer to aforementioned MSFT KB article.

What /admin key for mstsc.exe actually does

/admin key is usually used for RDS server administration. When you use mstsc.exe /admin to connect to the Windows Server with RDS role installed it does the following for the initiated connection:\n\n- Disables RDS client access licensing\n\n- Disables timezone redirection\n\n- Disables RD Connection Broker redirection\n\n- Disables RD Easy Print\n\n- Disables PnP device redirection for this connection only\n\n- Changes the remote session theme to Windows Classic View (it it’s available) for this connection only