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Getting "The server is not licensed (MachineName: , MachineCode: )." in K2 Designer

I recently run into interesting issue with K2 4.7 – non working K2 Designer was displaying the following error:

The server is not licensed (MachineName: , MachineCode: ).

(values for Machine Name and MachineCode are removed from the sample error message text above, but the latter value was system key).

Interestingly Licensing section of K2 Management was showing 2 licenses in good standing (Blackpearl and SmartForms), but if I remember correctly System Key mentioned in error message in K2 Designer was associated with blackpearl key. Long story short client somehow end up entering/applying SF license key against blackpearl system key – not sure exactly how it was possible and where K2 4.7 is not full proof enough, but resolution here was basically request new license key and apply SF one through SF Setup Manager, and then do the same for blackpearly using BP Setup Manager. In my case environment was using trial keys, but I can’t tell for sure if such problem can only occur if you use trial keys.

I’ll just leave this here in case someone run into the same error.

Unable to activate/uninstall K2 App: RemoveApp does not exist as a method of this SmartObject Instance

Sometimes when trying to activate or uninstall K2 4.7 App from App Catalog level or from the Site Collection level you can get the following error:

If you enable SmO logging you can trace that error actually happens on SmO level, more specifically with SharePoint Integration Helper Methods SmO and its Activate Site Collection method:

 System > SharePoint 2013 Integration > SharePoint Integration Helper Methods

*NOTE: Issue happens with Activate Site Collection method, not with Activate Site Collections one.

Sometimes clearing your browser’s cookies and cache or starting your browser using another user account or incognito / InPrivate mode helps to resolve this issue. But when those methods does not work  you may try to execute this method manually in the SmO Tester tool using K2 service account. The only required input property which you need is the SiteURL, the rest of the fields can be blank. This action should result in an output message “Success”. Once that’s done, you can go back to your SharePoint AppCatalog and Activate or Uninstall the K2 App from there – this time it should not give you any errors.

Updated K2 4.7 build is available on portal.k2.com

.3 build of K2 4.7 just become available on K2 portal in software downloads section, if you are about to upgrade to 4.7 make sure that you have latest installer bits so that you can benefit from included fixes (OK, in this case this is only one fix, but nonetheless). This specific .3 build resolves the issue when after running the K2 smartforms Setup Manager to re-configure or repair your K2 environment, the SharePoint integrated workflows association to their respective SharePoint lists are broken. That issue has solution/fix but using latest installer build you wont even notice it – so please do have latest installer build before starting your upgrade. Refer to official K2 KB for details: “Upgrading to K2 4.7 breaks the association between K2 workflows and SharePoint Lists and Libraries

By the way unlike it was with some earlier minor installer build updates K2 made big strides in documenting this publicly – great to see improved transparency and documentation around minor installer builds.

So in case you planning your 4.7 upgrade today your build number supposed to be 4.16060.2000.3. But in case you going to do it later make sure you are using latest bits (in case your server has internet connectivity installer will also report presence of newer version to you – even if it is minor build update, please not ignore it).