French vocabulary: Job

French vocabulary post dedicated to words in one or another way related with job. travail  [tʀavaj] (noun, m) – job/work travailler [tʀavaje] (verb) – to work boulot [bulo] (informal) – job/work il prend son boulot à 7 heures du matin – he start toiling at 7 hours in the morning Je suis au boulot – French vocabulary: Job

French Vocabulary: Saisons – Météo

SAISONS ET MÉTÉO – SEASONS AND WEATHER Climat climat [klima] – climate doux [du] – soft/warm clément [klemɑ̃] – soft/warm (about weather and temperature) rude [ʀyd] – harsh/severe/inclement (origin – early 17th century from French inclément or Latin inclement-, from in- ‘not’ + clement- ‘clement’) humide [ymid] – humid (also: moist, damp, dewy) sec [sɛk] – dry/arid pluvieux [plyvjø] – rainy (showery/wet) temps [tɑ̃] French Vocabulary: Saisons – Météo