Prendre – “le verbe magique”

In French verb prendre (to take) is so versatile that it deserves separate blog post by itself 🙂 Well in a way it is very close to its English counterpart, sounds very differently but, as you will see if you read on, very similar in usage/meaning. So prendre in French can have more than 30 Prendre – “le verbe magique”

French Vocabulary: Saisons – Météo

SAISONS ET MÉTÉO – SEASONS AND WEATHER Climat climat [klima] – climate doux [du] – soft/warm clément [klemɑ̃] – soft/warm (about weather and temperature) rude [ʀyd] – harsh/severe/inclement (origin – early 17th century from French inclément or Latin inclement-, from in- ‘not’ + clement- ‘clement’) humide [ymid] – humid (also: moist, damp, dewy) sec [sɛk] – dry/arid pluvieux [plyvjø] – rainy (showery/wet) temps [tɑ̃] French Vocabulary: Saisons – Météo

How to say “Ни к селу, ни к городу” in French? :)

Today looking for a word “село” in French (it’s village, but for some reason in Russian we have two distinctive words “село” and “деревня” whereas both English and French translates these as “village”) I stumbled upon rough equivalent of Russian idiom “Ни к селу, не к городу” in French. In Russian this idiom, which can be How to say “Ни к селу, ни к городу” in French? 🙂

French Vocabulary: Interieur de la maison

 Interieur de la maison Dans l’entrée – In the hall/lobby meuble à chaussures – shoe rack (I was a bit confused when finding precise English equivalent, see my question on for details) portemanteau [pɔʀt(ə)mɑ̃to] – hall-stand Dans la salle de séjour – In the living room buffet [byfɛ] –  sideboard canapé [kanape] – divan, sofa, couch; settee; well if French Vocabulary: Interieur de la maison

French vocabulary: Housing

Logement – Housing Types d’habitation – Types of housing appartement (m) – flat\n\ndeux-pieces (m) [døpjɛs] – two bedrooms flat\n\nduplex (m) – two storeys flat\n\nstudio (m) – one bedroom flat\n\nchalet (m) – small house in mountains\n\nchâteau (m) – castle\n\nHLM Habitation à Loyer Modéré (f/m) – council housing / block of flats\n\nimmeuble (m) – residential building\n\nmaison (f) – house\n\npalais [palɛ] French vocabulary: Housing