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Windows 10 TP on Dell Optiplex 745

Just a quick note on another Windows 10 Technical Preview installation I did recently. I finally managed to replace 80 Gb Western Digital HDD in old Dell OptiPlex 745 I have at home (child’s PC 🙂 ) with fast and nice 750 Gb Barracuda ES2 (which was freed up after moving all my data to NAS) and decided to install Windows 10 TP on this box.

Dell Optiplex 745

I can confirm that Windows 10 installation on Dell OptiPlex 745 was smooth and quick and all devices were recognized automatically without any need to search for drivers. The only issue I noticed so far is that non-admin user with non-Microsoft account had some difficulties with installing additional display language – I clicked download language and entered admin password in respective prompt many times but seemingly nothing happens after this, whereas under administrative account additional display language was installed successfully (though I also clicked download more than once until system somehow switched to the new display language). But I guess I need a bit more time to see if Windows 10 works well on this box.

UPDATE: It looks like language is just not yet available so I take my words about adding Russian language back – it can not be added so far. Also I can confirm that Sims 3 runs well on Windows 10 🙂

UPDATE#2 12.2016: This box now runs most current build of Windows 10 without any issues though it has slightly different config – 750GB Seagate HDD + discrete video card which passive cooling system was mangled severely to fit it into this tiny case. All works fine though performance for a person spoiled with high performance laptop with SSD drives it is too sluggish…