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Reading list: K2 Authentication and Authorization

This is a list of links to K2 documentation which covers K2 Authentication and Authorization topics. In case you have some time to read something for fun 🙂


Authentication and Authorization in K2

Claims-based Authentication in K2

Outbound Authorization and OAuth in K2

About K2Trust

Troubleshooting Claims-based Authentication Issues

Identity and Data Security in K2 Cloud for SharePoint

SharePoint Hybrid, Multiple Identity Providers & K2

AAD Multi-Factor Authentication Considerations

Enabling AAD Multi-Factor Authentication Requires Changes in K2 4.7

Authentication Modes

Authentication (in Management)

Integrating with Salesforce

Azure Active Directory Management (Read/Write to AAD)

Claims and OAuth Configuration for SharePoint 2013

Standard SmartForms Authentication

Multi-Authentication Providers

Consolidation to Multi-Auth

IIS Authentication


Authorization Framework Overview

Outbound Authorization and OAuth in K2

REST Broker

Resources for Working with the REST Service Broker

REST Swagger File Reference Format

REST Broker and Swagger Descriptor Overview (video)

Endpoints REST Service Type

OData Broker

Using the OData Service Broker (including Serialization and Deserialization)

Endpoints OData Service Type

Workflow and SmartObject APIs

APIs (in Management)

Configuring the Workflow REST API

Configuring the SmartObject OData API

How to Use the K2 Workflow REST Feed with Microsoft Flow to Redirect a K2 Task

How to Use the K2 Workflow REST Feed with Microsoft Flow to Start a Workflow

How to: Use the K2 OData Feed with Microsoft Excel

How to: Use the K2 OData Feed with Microsoft Power BI

K2 Authentication and Authorization whitepaper series

Just a quick note to share info on recently published K2 KB001688 “Authentication and Authorization in K2”. This article is just published yesterday and covers extensively authentication and authorization topics in K2. This KB allows you to download a set of the following documents:

\nAuthentication and Authorization in K2\n\nClaim-Based Authentication in K2\n\nOutbound Authorization and OAuth in K2\n\nAbout K2Trust\n

When it comes to “AA” part of “AAA” trinity (Authhorization and Authentication) it is really evergreen topic (trust me 🙂 ), it either works and you don’t care, or it doesn’t work. Once you face the later case it’s high time for deep dive in nuts and bolts of these technologies. Articles I mentioned above would definitely be of some help here 🙂