SmartObject Server Exception: Unable to load one or more of the requested types

Recently I run into interesting case when attempt to register K2 for SharePoint app failed with quite strange error: “SmartObject Server Exception: Unable to load one or more of the requested types. Retrieve the LoaderExceptions property for more information”.

K2 for SP 4.6.10 app registration error

What is more interesting it was clean installation of K2 4.6.10 environment using latest installer available from K2 portal. After environment was reinstalled three times (you know that “reboot three times” approach I guess? 😉 ) and all conceivable prerequisites were double checked I decided to do what you never ever should do, namely to register SharePoint 2013 service instance using SmartObjects Services Tester Tool. Note (for the sake of redundancy): you should never use this tool to add or edit your SharePoint 2013 service instances all of those should be created from SharePoint interface by means of so called “appify” operation.

As I saw that registration wizard throws this error on SharePoint Service broker registration step I decided just try to create SharePoint 2013 service instance with tester tool just to see if I get some error message there. And I was able to see this:

K2 for SP 4.6.10 tester tool error

So this was clear indicator that our K2 server missing some dependencies. Long story short, thanks to input from some colleagues (which is omitted here to prettify the narrative 🙂 ), solution to this was found.

So in case you was early adopter of K2 4.6.10 or downloaded 4.6.10 installer early enough you may have noticed that there were couple of minor versions of it which were superseded by one currently available in downloads section of K2 portal (it has .2 in the very end of all components versions). So .0 & .1 4.6.10 installers were available for a while but now replaced with .2 which addressed number of issues identified in its predecessors: (Item References coldfix for K2 4.6.10) (Known Issue: Developer license coldfix for K2 4.6.10 ) (Known Issue: Delete workflow coldfix for K2 4.6.10)

So check out your installation files and make sure that you have .2 installer so that you don’t have to mess with coldfixes later. But there is a minor issue with .2 installer of K2 for SharePoint 4.6.10, namely it contains “wrong” version of SharePoint client components (sharepointclientcomponents_x64.msi) – 16.0.4002.1211 (1,8 MB) and installs it on K2 server – and when this version only is installed you are going to see errors I mentioned above. 4.6.9 installer and presumably 4.6.10 .0/.1 installers contained 15.0.4481.1505 version of SharePoint Client Components and once you install it onto your K2 server above mentioned issues solved.

K2 for SP 4.6.10 app registration error - solution

So it seems that we should not expect .3 installer for 4.6.10, but no worries this will be “fixed” in 4.6.11 installer which we will be able to see soon. As for now just take a note that if you are doing clean install of K2 for SharePoint 4.6.10 (separate installer which you need to use in case you have SharePoint 2013 in your environment) using installation package currently available on K2 downloads portal make sure that you additionally install K2 for SharePoint Client Components 15.0.4481.1505 which you can grab from 4.6.9 installer for example.

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