Signed first edition of Seveneves

Last friday I received my copy of signed first edition of Neal Stephenson’s latest book Seveneves, delivered from Barns and Noble. I was almost in the middle with my reading of it on Kindle as I obviously get ebook faster (both things were preordered before release). Pleasure was somewhat spoiled by the fact that nice paper book was damaged in transit – looks like package was exposed to water and book I got is not in perfect condition to say the least 🙁


Some pictures can be found below.

Front cover:

Seveneves 01 Front cover

Neal’s signature:Seveneves 02 Neal's Signature

Picture of Izzy on the back of front cover:\nSeveneves 03 Picture behind the front cover

SIDE NOTE/IRRELEVANT DETAILS: By the way once I reached above picture I spend some time pondering what is the word which describes this part of the book, and end up referring to this as “pictures on the back of the book cover”, posting a question on – “Which word can I use to refer to pictures on the backside of the book covers?”  in parallel. Question was answered and it seems that proper word here is “endpaper” 🙂 Though this term doesn’t imply that this part of bock has an illustration on it so it is necessary to use of something like “front endpaper illustration” and “back endpaper illustration”.

Picture of something else on the back of back cover:Seveneves 04 Picture behind the back cover

Book spine:\nSeveneves 05 book spine

I will refrain from any comment on the book itself until I done with my reading, but definitely write something afterwards.

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