MS20331 Core Solutions of Microsoft SharePoint Server 2013 Training – Day 5

Yesterday was 5th and last day of 5 day SharePoint training I attend. I’m posting my crude notes from this training with intent to review and transform them into more meaningful/readable posts later.\n\nLast day covered backup and restore, logs and NLB (we added 4th VM and tested basic NLB scenario).\n\nSearch Service application settings.\n\nContent Sources. Indexing file share.\n\nTarget server with share with Manage auditing and security logs right for crawl service account.\n\nSP backup.\n\nService Application – SQL Service DB\nServer/Farm – SQL DB SharePoint_Config\nWeb App – SQL DB\nSite Collection\nSite\nLibrary\nFolder\nDocument\n\nGranular/Item level backup without SQL restore. Recycle bin – Site level and below. 2×30 days. Recucle bin can restore sub-sites.\n\n2 levels.\nSite Settings > Site Collection Administration > Recycle Bin\n\nEnable / Disable Recycle Bin on Site Collection level.\n\nBackup settings – in CA > Backup and Restore. Granular backup available in GUI but granular restore requires\n\nImport-SPWeb (imports web, list or library\nRestore-SpSite (restores a site collection), riquires SA rights on SQL server level (a bit too much of rights I guess :))\n\nBack up web App – database backup doesn’t include settings (IIS etc.)\n\nBackup-SPFarm – cretes back up of an individual db, Web application, or the entire farm.\n\nBest way to entire Web app is backing upp SQL DB. Especially because of ability to Restore data from an unattached database in SP.\n\n\n\nLoad balancing / SP farms\n\nAdding additional SP server to Farm. Now you need that passphrase you specified when installing first SP server.\n\nNLB options: DNS roundrobin or SP configuration\nAdd NLB feature on Windows Server\n\nSQL Server Mirroring / Always On (Mirroring will be predominantly used, clustering support disontinued)\n\nMonitoring\n\ncorrleation ID useful for searching details in logs\n\nLog files location:\nC:Program FilesCommon FilesMicrosoft SharedWeb Server Extensions12LOGS\n\nULS Log Viewer\n\nULS Viewer\n\nWSP file can include: features, WFs, …\n\nSP branding requires CSS knowledge.

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