K2 for retail automation

When your work is focused on specific product and services around it (does not matter if you in development, support or sales team of product centered organization) the most rewarding thing is to see real-world examples of how your product is applied in practice by clients. It is even better when it was implemented in such a way that client does not mind to share their implementation story with wider public in a video format. Really good to see such examples of how K2 really works for business.

Fozzy Group was able to built K2 based portal automating such things as contracts management, specification management, supply schedule management, sales forecast and score card just in one year. I don’t think you can see such BPA go-live dynamics with conventional code-heavy custom development as well as with some major (semi-)specialized products which end up being adjusted/customized for years (incurring high consultancy fees in the process) before business is able to go-live with them.

Amazing example from retail area which to my mind one of the activities where automation can bring great and measurable benefits. IMO most of the retailers still underutilize technology to its highest potential, but I hope we will see some changes as time goes by.


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