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Since K2 Community Articles were introduced one year or so ago this channel allowed to bring a lot of great content to K2 community site. Of course quality varies across the board for these articles but bottom line is that K2 community benefit from quickly available, relevant information on real world K2 issues. I see a lot of folks solving their problems without logging support ticket or discover relevant information at the early stage of investigation of their issues, often without any help of K2 support engineers.

I authored some of these articles and edited others, and as I found it difficult sometimes to locate one or another K2 community article I worked on I decided to list all of these articles here. And I think I also list links to some really good articles authored by other people.

Good entry point to check out latest Community Aricles on K2 community site can be this page, where you can see such things as popular threads in the K2 Community, latest community articles as well as most kudo’d authors and articles.

In case you see any mistakes (technical or just typos/grammar 🙂 or have any questions about those articles feel free to let me know about them via comments under this post.

Currently I just listing articles in no particular order but I maybe categorize/rearrange them at some later point.

K2 blackpearl service high RAM usage

K2 Host Service CPU usages close to 100%

Huge delays in tasks processing

Thread pool locking issues when using K2 Client API inside of workflow

Unresponsive K2 Workspace – Server run out of worker threads

IPC Event processing delays

Workflow permissions not working correctly when configured via group

Analysis fails after upgrading from 4.6.x to 4.6.8: Constrained delegation is not enabled for the Active Directory account

Initialization failed before PreInit – Unable to establish a secure connection with the Active Directory server

Configuring Kerberos for K2 environment

How to reduce the size of K2 database on development machine

4.6.9 upgrade wipes out serverlog tables

PDF convertor generates an empty form when multiple security providers configured

How to increase default file size limit for File Attachment Control in K2 SmartForms

64007 Provider did not return a result for K2:Domain\User on GetUser

Database Key error

An error occurred trying to authenticate the user > The LDAP server is unavailable

Exception when trying to access Group Providers in K2 Workspace management

Process instances with Status = 0 (Error) in K2 DB

Slow notification emails, MSMQ Eventbus fills up

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