K2 blackpearl Installation: Configuring MSDTC properties

Disclaimer: in case you have no difficulties to say how to access Local DTC properties on Windows machine without googling or trying hard to remember it then you don’t need to read this post. 🙂

I was building retro test environment with K2 4.6.2 installed and run into the following warning raised by K2 Setup Manager – “MSDTC Network Access options not set correctly”:

MSDTC Network Access 1 Warning

K2 Setup Manager quite explicitly tells you about what you have to do, detailing up to the level of exact check-boxes you have to have checked. Unfortunately 4.6.2 can’t repair this without your intervention (I assume recent versions too, bun need to double check this). But anyhow it is not difficult to guess that correct settings supposed to look like that:

MSDTC Network Access 2 Correct Settings

Once required check-boxes in place this warning resolved, just click “Analyze” after you have done these changes:

MSDTC Network Access 3 Warning Cleared

Looks straightforward enough, but what may be a question/issue here is that how to access these “Local DTC properties”? (maybe there is an answer in help hyperlink mentioned by Setup Manage in the same warning?)

Anyhow without looking/googling I keep forgetting how to access this dialog, so decided to jot this down. You have to run the Component Services MMC snap-in:

MSDTC Network Access 4 Component Services MSC

In this MMC snap-in you just locate “Local DTC” and select its properties from context menu. And to invoke this you just run this:




In case location matters for you it is located under: %SystemRoot%\System32

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