K2 blackpearl Installation: Configuring MSDTC properties – Part 2

This post is an addition to my older post about configuring MSDTC in K2 environment and it has been triggered by the following error:

K2 Designer error - Partner Transaction manager disabled support for remote transactions

So basically I had freshly installed K2 4.6.6 environment (don’t ask me why I’m using such an old version 🙂 ) and it was first deployment of a simplistic workflow which gave me this error.

And if error message text which says: “The partner transaction manager has disabled its support for remote/network transactions. (Exception from HRESULT: 0x8004D025)” doesn’t tell you that something wrong with your MSDTC config then quick google search will confirm this to you.

The thing is that all you need to know is indeed covered by K2 documentation, but problem of any software documentation is that somewhat like a good dictionary its creation is driven by certain standards making it perfect for specific look ups for information but at the same time deter reader from reading it end to end, and by contrast with dictionaries software documentation does not have super simple data organization facilitating quick and precise look ups. So I mean rarely people do read specific sections of it unless they driven by specific error to specific page 🙂

To recap MSDTC side requirements for K2: You need to have it configured on all K2 servers and SQL servers used by K2 (have clusters? do config it on all nodes). As you have seen in my previous blog post it boils down to setting number of check boxes on Security tab of Local DTC properties which is reachable through the following commands: dcomcngf or comexp.msc (still keep forgetting these 🙂 ).

It is worth noting that K2 Setup Manager is capable to set these properties on K2 servers, but you have to go to SQL and set the same settings too. This was first correction I made in my environment after seeing this error. But it was enough. Looking a little bit more into K2 documentation I noticed this:

MSDTC Firewall config 1

I actually decided to this via GUI on SQL server, and what you need to do is to enable all 3 rules from MSDTC group:

MSDTC Firewall config 2

And you have to enable this on all K2 servers and SQL servers. Trust me, I tried to enable this on SQL servers only first 🙂 The same error persist till you enable it both on K2 and SQL servers.

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