K2 Authentication and Authorization whitepaper series

Just a quick note to share info on recently published K2 KB001688 “Authentication and Authorization in K2”. This article is just published yesterday and covers extensively authentication and authorization topics in K2. This KB allows you to download a set of the following documents:

\nAuthentication and Authorization in K2\n\nClaim-Based Authentication in K2\n\nOutbound Authorization and OAuth in K2\n\nAbout K2Trust\n

When it comes to “AA” part of “AAA” trinity (Authhorization and Authentication) it is really evergreen topic (trust me 🙂 ), it either works and you don’t care, or it doesn’t work. Once you face the later case it’s high time for deep dive in nuts and bolts of these technologies. Articles I mentioned above would definitely be of some help here 🙂

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