K2 4.6.11 release is available

So K2 released version 4.6.11 today and you may find all six components of the platform available in respective downloads section of portal.k2.com.  Mysterious component number six is K2 Language Pack 4.6.11 (Preview) 🙂

So for all keen on trying latest and greatest time has come. And since recently you have an option to take Update Manager route which is available for you if you run 4.6.9 or later version of K2. There are certain caveats for use Update Manager, especially in how you need to do modify operations for updated environments (see “K2 blackpearl 4.6.11 Installation and Configuration – Update Manager PDF” for details).

K2 4.6.11 Update Manager

Another interesting thing is that even if you are using combined installer or separate installers (meaning those which can be used to perform clean install) to update existing environment the same Update Manager type of install is being run (though on per component basis) and what is also new here is that once you done updating one of the components Update Manager reminds you about availability of update for another related component:

K2 4.6.11 Update Manager Reminders

This possibly doesn’t look as a big thing for you, but as I normally see quite a few of support cases down to the simple fact that people start their upgrade but not upgraded all of the components in their environment I really appreciate this. People can plainly forget update some component and discover this only after a while when strange errors crop up and after placing support ticket and doing a bit of investigation work. So these reminders really going to save some time for all.

This release adds some new wizards to create dynamic item references and loop through them using the “For Each” wizard. There is also new License Report for managing K2 environment user licenses. This release fully supports Visual Studio 2015 and Windows 10 support (caveat: no Edge browser support, but this is normal – just try to remember situation with x64 IE support at the time when IE9 was released). Enhancements have been made to the K2 Designer and to the file and image attachment controls.

K2 4.6.11 Windows 10 Support

K2 4.6.11 Windows 10 Support

List of fixes and new features in each component can be found in the Release Notes:K2 4.6.11 Release Notes (KB001735)And the same for K2 connect can be found in separate release notes document:K2 Connect 4.6.11 Release Notes (KB000860)

Once you done with installing 4.6.11 RTM your list of K2 installed components going to look something like this:

K2 4.6.11 installed components

And below is a new K2 Designer start page, which has clean and neat look, isn’t it? At least I like it better than what we had before.

K2 4.6.11 designer start page

Looking forward to see early adopters leveraging new features and how real adoption of this release will play out (given the nature of my work I can expect to see some first hand accounts 🙂 ).

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