K2 4.6.10 released

So yesterday (24/06/2015) K2 4.6.10 release was revealed for general public and it is now available to all K2 clients in K2 blackpearl downloads sections at portal.k2.com. You may familiarize yourself with product release notes (KB001700) which contains consolidated information about all parts of K2 product suite by contrast with former practice of having separate release notes for individual components (blackpearl, smartforms, control pack etc.). K2 blackpearl 4.6 Compatibility Matrix is updated too.

This is a second release which uses unified versioning for all components and I still think that this change has tremendous impact of simplifying life both for clients and for K2 support. Former versioning system was a bit messy and not often less consumer friendly, but also was a source of frequent confusion and cases when incompatible or poorly compatible components were mixed in one environment. Now it’s plain and simple you have to have 4.6.10 version for all of your components. Period. Really like this – nice and simple how it should be. 🙂

K2 4.6.10 Prerequisites

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