Internet connection upgrade :)

Just switched to the max bandwidth plan my ISP is offering. They promise up to 100 Mbps, I will see how it work out for me. Here is results so far:


Looks good, though a bit lower than claimed 100 Mbps, but it is expected as it is all may vary depending on time of the day and overall network state/congestion at a given time. Key thing with this tariff is that they no longer cap my bandwidth with their traffic shaper or whatever they use to limit bandwidth on a cheaper subscription plans.

The next thing on my to do list is to get a small gigabit switch (thinking about Cisco SG100D-05) so that I can hook both my desktop and laptop to a gigabit wired network instead of using WiFi for my laptop as I am doing now. Have to do this as I carelessly installed only one Ethernet outlet in the room back in the day 🙂

Update (January 2015). As planned I rerun this test using wired connection behind Cisco SG100D-05 Gigabit Ethernet switch and ASUS RT-N66U from my side (as opposed to using wireless connection when running this test previously). Difference is obvious:


Even if you sure that most of websites/servers wont give you this speed when accessing them, just by looking at 2 pictures above you can’t help but admit that wireless connectivity is a “bottle neck” for speed/transfer rates. Another interesting thing is that we see slight increase of latency quite in line with the statement “Any network device will create some latency”, but extra 1 ms which we see here is really negligible, especially looking at gains in download and upload speeds.

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