French Vocabulary: Interieur de la maison

 Interieur de la maison

Dans l’entrée – In the hall/lobby

meuble à chaussures – shoe rack (I was a bit confused when finding precise English equivalent, see my question on for details)

portemanteau [pɔʀt(ə)mɑ̃to] – hall-stand

Dans la salle de séjour – In the living room

buffet [byfɛ] –  sideboard

canapé [kanape] – divan, sofa, couch; settee; well if you are interested there is even the word “chesterfield” which can be used to refer to long soft couch/sofa (replace the latter with “davenport” if you prefer American blend of English 🙂 ) – see more on etymology of “chesterfield” here, seems to be just a marketing trick of manufacturer which made it’s way into dictionaries

chaise [ʃɛz] – chair

cheminée [ʃ(ə)mine] – fireplace / open fire / chimney

coussin [kusɛ̃] – cushion (small one which you may see on divan, compare with pillow)

étagère [etaʒɛʀ] – bookshelf / rack; also whatnot (small set of open shelves for knick-knack/trinkets)

fauteuil [fotœj] – armchair; there is nice range of French idioms involving this word, e.g.: “dans un fauteuil” which means “very easily, without effort”, “arriver (comme) dans un fauteuil” meaning “to arrive first, leaving others far behind”

table [tabl] – table

table basse – coffee table

YouTube Video French Lesson 87 – Living Room – Le salon La salle de séjour – Furniture Household Vocabulary:


Dans la chamre – In the bedroom

armoire [aʀmwaʀ] – wardrobe; also: armoire à linge, armoire-penderie

commode [kɔmɔd] bureau/dresser (with mirror); chest of drawers. In french this is also an adjective meaning “convenient”. When looking for English translation you may also bump into Wellington chest of drawers or simply Wellington chest which is a piece of campaign furniture (furniture specifically made to breakdown or fold for ease of travel) named after 1st Duke of Wellington, or to put it simply just a narrow commode.

tiroir [tiʀwaʀ] – drawer

lampe [lɑ̃p] – lamp

lampe de chevet



table de chevet

table de toilette

Sur le lit – On the bed







taie  [tɛ] – pillow(-)case / pillow(-)slip

une taie d’oreiller

YouTube video “[Vocabulaire illustré] Le lit”:


Dans le bureau – In the study





Dans la quisine – In the kitchen


cuisinière électrique / à gaz



(four) micro-ondes

une plaque de cuisson [kɥisɔ̃] – hob (well didn’t know this English word before honestly, so this one is what called “варочная панель, варочная поверхность” in Russian, or if we employ the some definition here it means ” the top cooking surface on a kitchen stove”)



heter les ordures

réfrigérateur / frigo (fam.)

robinet d’eau chaude / froide

la vaisselle [vɛsɛl] – crockery; Probably we may argue if this stuff are part of house interior or not, and you may discard this as a major element of home interior but it belong to interior, right? Anyway you will definitely will need these words for many kitchen related topics.\nune assiette [asjɛt] – plate\nun couteau [kuto] – knife\nun fourchette [fuʀʃɛt] – fork\nune cuillère [kɥijɛʀ] – spoon\nune cuillère à soupe – tablespoon\nune cuillère à café – teaspoon; this is quite interesting: one and the same thing but for French this is “coffee” spoon, non tea spoon

YouTube video “French Lesson 82 – Kitchen – La cuisine – Furniture Crockery Utensils Appliances vocabulary”:


Dans le sall de bains – In the bathroom



drap de bain







YouTube video: French Lesson 83 – Bathroom – La salle de bain – Accessories Appliances Furniture Vocabulary”:


Décorer la maison – Decorate the house / other stuff 🙂

bibelot  [biblo] – knick-knack , trinket , charm

horloge [ɔʀlɔʒ] /pendule [pɑ̃dyl] – clock

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