Failed 70-689 exam attempt

Life provides us with multiple opportunities and ways to fail. But key thing is to learn from these opportunities, especially from failures.


I failed my 70-689 exam today, as I got slightly less than minimum required 700 points, but going to leverage free second shot. If you have studied in the university you should know that exam it is last opportunity for a professor to teach a student to something (you may translate it to “last opportunity for student to learn something” 🙂 ). Anyway I learned some things from this failed attempt itself (and of course a lot from preceding preparation work), and pleased to see that my performance correlates with amount of work with related materials, I will give extra attention to support domain now.

On a side note, I visited my former work place on the way back from testing center, and apart from meeting some old friends saw an example of amazing life hack/innovation (MacGyver-style 🙂 ) somebody come up with in that office building. If you ever worked in office complex with multiple tenants and pass cards being used to access office premises you know that there is a constant issue of lost pass cards. Default measure is to impose fines on people losing their cards which you should pay before you get new card instead one you had lost. This default measure does not work well with guest cards, at the end of the day you can’t force each and every person visiting your office to sign a consent to pay a fine for lost pass card, this won’t work in real life/make guest access an unpleasant experience. So to minimize risk of unintentional lose of guest card they come up with simple innovation – put a standard “credit card sized” pass card between 2 lists of red A4 paper and laminated it, so that you have A4 red list. Of course it is not stylish and can not be placed in any normal size pocket, but it prevents accidental losing of pass card efficiently I think.

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