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    • rk says:

      Hi Mike,
      Wondering if you can help.
      I have Exchange mail and SMTP mail working great on a v4.6.11 K2 server and use Exchange for my Workflows notifications and the SMTP mail server (connectionstringeditor) for Form Rules – Send Email. I can set ANY from address in the Form Send Email rules and they work.
      I have duplicated this setup in v4.7 but it does not work for SMTP send email rules via the forms. If I use the serviceaccount in the from address in the FROM address it works, but if I use any other email address in the From it does not go through.
      I have checked the windows logs, the k2 logs and there is no errors whatsoever.
      Any ideas what i’m missing?
      The differences are:
      k2 v.6.11 server os windows 2008 r2 + exchange 2010
      k2 v4.7 server os windows 2012 + exchange 2016
      Any help would be appreciated?

    • Helen Smith says:

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      Good day!


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