Considerations when deploying packages

Just a short list of things to be aware of when deploying K2 packages (those who took K2 blackpearl course should recognize the list below):

  • Target elements will be created, reused, or overwritten. If something already exists in the target environment, the tool will let you decide whether to use the existing item or replace it with the version from the package.
  • Make sure the necessary dependencies are included, or exist in the target environment.
  • Provide values for the variables that the package creator specified.
  • Workflow definitions are versioned, everything else is not. In other words, applications will always use the latest version of a SmartForm or a SmartObject, but existing workflow instances will not be upgraded. Therefore, be careful when deploying updated SmartForms and SmartObjects since this can break existing workflow instances.
  • You should run the Package and Deployment tool on a physical K2 server in the environment you wish to deploy to.
  • You only need to run the deployment package once in a distributed or multi-server farm environment. K2 application elements are stored centrally in the K2 database and can be accessed by any K2 server in the environment.


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