French vocabulary: Job

French vocabulary post dedicated to words in one or another way related with job. travail  [tʀavaj] (noun, m) – job/work travailler [tʀavaje] (verb) – to work boulot [bulo] (informal) – job/work il prend son boulot à 7 heures du matin – he start toiling at 7 hours in the morning Je suis au boulot – French vocabulary: Job

Giving your opinion in French

Some chunks of language are more useful than the others, in the same way as chunks (expressions, constructions) are more useful than isolated words for communication. At the end of the day after ability of asking and answering basic questions, next thing in terms of usage frequency is ability to give an opinion. Don’t get Giving your opinion in French

Prendre – “le verbe magique”

In French verb prendre (to take) is so versatile that it deserves separate blog post by itself 🙂 Well in a way it is very close to its English counterpart, sounds very differently but, as you will see if you read on, very similar in usage/meaning. So prendre in French can have more than 30 Prendre – “le verbe magique”

French Vocabulary: Saisons – Météo

SAISONS ET MÉTÉO – SEASONS AND WEATHER Climat climat [klima] – climate doux [du] – soft/warm clément [klemɑ̃] – soft/warm (about weather and temperature) rude [ʀyd] – harsh/severe/inclement (origin – early 17th century from French inclément or Latin inclement-, from in- ‘not’ + clement- ‘clement’) humide [ymid] – humid (also: moist, damp, dewy) sec [sɛk] – dry/arid pluvieux [plyvjø] – rainy (showery/wet) temps [tɑ̃] French Vocabulary: Saisons – Météo