Books on applications packaging and deployment

So far I read only one book on applications deployment/packaging – Grinding Gears – Software Repackaging and Deployment for the Windows Platform by David M. Stein, and I can say it’s a good introduction to the world of software packaging. Below you may find my short review of this book which I initially posted on Amazon’s site.

“Author wrote really strong & holistic book which enable reader to grasp variety of ideas, tools and approaches which are used in application packaging. Another good thing about this book is that author combined coverage of nitty-gritty technical details with giving reader an idea how and why these tools and activities may be useful for business and how they fit into a bigger picture. The only one drawback which I can see in this book is that more examples and technical details may be desirable, but probably if author had done it, the book wouldn’t have been so clear and easy to follow.”

I’ve recently spotted 2 other titles which may worth reading for those who are interested in software packaging, these are following:

A Beginners Guide to Software Deployment by Dennis Waldon (Aug 6, 2012)

Deploying and Supporting Applications on 64-bit Windows by Darwin Sanoy (Sep 9, 2012)

All these books available on Kindle and I’ll write short review for them once I’ve read them.

As I see it now there not so many books on this subject, but definitely we see some signs of maturity in this line of IT specialization. If you know any other “good reads” on application packaging please let me know in comments.

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  • Alex says:

    Thanks for the tipp! I am doing a lot of software packaging ( matrix42 empirum pro) and I was looking for stuff to expand my knowledge because even while I am doing it, I still feel like I haven’t even touched the surface. Thank you

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