My blog moved

After some downtime my blog is up and running again. I moved it from and now running it off Synology NAS. Migration process was relatively easy but with some little difficulties, so I am jotting down the outline of whole procedure here:

1. Domain name transfer from to another domain name registrar so that you can point your domain name to public IP of your router.

2. Install WordPress and phpMyAdmin packages on Synology. WordPress installation will enable Web Station feature on your Synology box for you. Set custom and secure passwords for MariaDB and your wordpress blog.

3. Use WordPress import/export features to migrate your content.

4. Enable “Virtual Server / Port Forwarding” feature on your router to allow HTTP access from WAN to Synology device behind it.

5. Now your main issue is that default WordPress installation on Synology create subfolder in web folder, so you can’t access it via IP/domain name only but have to additionally specify “/wordpress” after it. To address this you need to go to your Web Station settings and add 2 virtual host entries (subfolder/hostname/protocol/port):

wordpress HTTP 80

wordpress HTTP 80

Other solutions is to add forwarders in public DNS or move your wordpress installation to the root folder instead of hosting it beneath web folder. First one not the best one because domain registrars tend to take up to 48 hours to fully apply forwarders and the second one is more complex and not the best thing to do from security prospective maybe.

6. Final steps. Use phpMyAdmin to edit the following settings in wp_options table of wordpress database:



But even this is not enough and you also have to locate your wp_config.php file and the following line there:

define(‘WP_SITEURL’, ‘’);

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