This is personal blog and all posts here represent personal opinion of the author, information provided here “as is” and should be used at your own discretion.

Primarily I write some tech related posts (some of them just side notes for me, “how to” / “how do I” posts) but as this is my personal blog you may expect posts on any other topics in any other formats. In addition to this blog you may also find my posts at StarWind Software Blog and AcloudA Blog.

My current technical focus is all things K2 and Microsoft technology stack – those two complement each other nicely, whether you are judging from purely technical standpoint or business value they can deliver.

I work with Microsoft Windows starting from Windows 3.x/95 as a home user and starting from 9x/XP in enterprise environments. As for K2 I started to work with this product since version 4.6.6 (approximately).

I also have broad linguistic interests as you may infer looking at some of my posts, and apart from learning languages as a means of communication I’m interested in idioms, inkhorns, words origins and shades of meaning and lexicography.

In case you want to support this blog you can donate some money via PayPal. We all know that there are hosting costs and expenses on good coffee are all too often involved into writing good material.

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