This is a personal blog and all posts here represent personal opinion of the author, information provided “as is” and should be used at your own discretion.

Primarily I write some tech related posts (some of them just side notes for me, “how to” / “how do I” posts) but as this is my personal blog you may expect posts on any other topics in any other formats. In addition to this blog you may also find my posts at StarWind Software Blog and AcloudA Blog.

I have been working in IT for a long time and big chunk of it was spent working with Microsoft technology stack (starting with Microsoft Windows at the time of Windows 3.x/95 as a home user and with 9x/XP in enterprise environments) and ultimately it is getting more about cloud (Azure, AWS), Linux and DevOps. If anyone cares my first PC was 80286 with nice orange tone CGA monitor and I still like aesthetics of that hardware… You know that was a time when you can hold CPU without worrying that it is too fragile or when you take a dedicated 3D accelerator (dedicated meaning separate from your 2D card) and clearly see that it has a lot of RAM and count the memory chips which it has on board (often in their own sockets allowing replacement/upgrade) and so on.

I also have broad linguistics interests as you may infer looking at some of my posts, and apart from learning languages as a means of communication I’m interested in idioms, inkhorns, words origins, shades of meaning and lexicography. Dictionaries technology and computer assisted language learning are also fall into the bucket of my personal interests.