70-689 exam – another attempt

So last weekend I failed my second shot attempt for 70-689 exam. I knew that I’m slightly missing the mark with my preparation but tried to make it before 31st of May to participate in that “Step up to Windows 10” challenge. I’m failed and it means that 697 exam won’t be free of charge for me. I guess something like 1 more week for preparation would be enough for me to pass. How you can knew in advance that you are not ready for exam? Let’s say you have some preparation questions/test (I used one from MeasureUP) and your results in exam simulation mode look something like this:

70-689 MeasureUP 01

This is clear sign that you are not ready – you want to have 100% here to be on a safe side. 🙂

So my results from first and second attempt looks as follows:


Exam attempt 2-2

So I improved my results (from 781 to 836 in configuring domain, and from 630 to 665 in supporting domain), and pleased with it, but alas again slightly missed the passing threshold of 700 for support domain. 🙁 Anyhow I will make it eventually, I know 🙂

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