24411 User is not allowed to open worklist item

I recently seen quite an interesting issue which was a bit confusing for author of workflow and took a bit of time to fix (I guess because error message is a bit misleading maybe).

Assume you just deployed a K2 process with Default Client Event inside which assigned to Process Originator as a destination user. What could be simpler? But when process originator tries to open this task using SmatForm Task List (open SmartForm action) he gets an error:

Worklist item could not be opened. 24411 K2:DOMAIN\K2_Service_Account is not allowed to open the worklist item with SN=X_YZ

That’s a bit unexpected, right? Especially when you see K2 service account mentioned in error message instead of real user who tries to open this task. You can guess that somehow user credentials dropped/lost and K2 service account is being used to access task for some reason. The question is why?

The cause of this turned out to be the following setting in K2 SmartForms runtime site web.config file:

<add key=”ConnectAsAppPool” value=”true” />

Once you change above-mentioned setting to “false” things are back to normal and you see expected behaviour without 24411 error upon smartform open actionsmartform open action SmartForm open action.

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  • Mithun says:

    When we action it through action smo to redirect I am getting the same error.
    The issue is like i have to redirect a task from a user who left the company(not in AD) to a user currently working in company through action smo.
    Now I am getting the same error.
    Please help me to find a solution for this.

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