WhatsApp Desktop Windows – app window cannot be resized

I’ve recently run into issue on my Windows 10 machine with WhatsApp Desktop app – it was keep running in maximized window mode without possibility to resize window/make it smaller. I was ignoring/tolerating that for quite some time, next looked for a setting in app GUI which could have trigger this (there is none) and checked if my app is of the latest version (it is). So it was time to google a bit to find a solution which I’ll just share below.

In case you cannot minimize your WhatsApp Windows app window and it keep running in maximized mode, you should do the following to get back an ability to perform window resize:

  1. Navigate to %appdata%\WhatsApp folder and open settings.json file located here in text editor.
  2. Change “isFullScreen” setting value from true to false and restart WhatsApp app.

Just writing this down to have a record of the fix 🙂

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28 thoughts on “WhatsApp Desktop Windows – app window cannot be resized

    1. Mikhail Post author

      What happens if you go to Run menu (Win + R) and paste this text without quotes: “%appdata%\WhatsApp”? Are you getting Windows cannot find path error?

    2. pia

      type this on the bottom left near start

      open the settings.json (in notepad)

      find the “isFullScreen” and change the true to *FALSE*

      1. cardamaR

        after changing true to False, what will gonna do next? I did it, then save after.. nothings happened, screen still in full view.

  1. Renu

    Hello, and THANK YOU for offering to help. I am trying this but it’s not working. Am i supposed to save the settings somehow.?

  2. Abdulrahman

    Thanks Bro!
    I was also tolerating this issue since few days. Really annoying and stupid thing from WhatsApp.. even reinstalling WhatsApp didn’t help!
    Your tip is really helpful.

  3. K Chanda

    Pressing the function key is faster. The app merely saves states in %appdata%\WhatsApp so that if it were in full screen it will open in full screen.


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