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How to: quickly access certain tab of System Properties

You can invoke System applet either via clicking on corresponding icon in control panel or by using Win+Break hot key, and from this window you may click Advanced System settings to access System Properties. There was a time when you could invoke System Properties by choosing Properties from My Computer context menu (in previous versions of Windows) but now it brings you System applet instead, and extra click is required.

But apart from accessing Advanced System Properties through GUI you can use Run menu, and more over you can open this window on a desired tab. See below what to type in Run to get a certain tab opened (Works in Windows 7/Server 2008):


System Properties (Advanced Tab) systempropertiesadvanced
System Properties (Computer Name Tab) systempropertiescomputername
System Properties (Hardware Tab) systempropertieshardware
System Properties (Remote Tab) systempropertiesremote
System Properties (System Protection Tab) systempropertiesprotection

Windows Server 2012: scaling

Though most powerful capabilities of latest Windows Server 2012 release to my mind are related with its accomplished feature set and new usage scenarios I should admit that we people like to look at numeric metrics and increased figures. Incidentally, some of new things/scenarios available in Windows Server 2012 wouldn’t have been possible without significant scaling up of possible workloads and used resources. So you may find comparative table of scaling for nodes and workloads for WS2008R2 & WS2012RC below (sorry if you are cyrillically challenged, but only Russian version of table was available at my disposal).